Antidepressants vs Herbal Remedies…

For most of my life I rarely ever went to the doctor. I am now 48 years old and have never really been on any medication. I have worked out pretty much my whole life, I eat right and take lots of vitamins. But three months ago when I got blindsided with a terrible bout of depression and with overwhelming anxiety, I needed help. Anyone who has not experienced this phenomenon, does not understand. Seriously, if they understood, they would not say the the things they say. When I was convulsing in my bed, and my legs would not quit shaking, day in and day out, and nothing was working, I knew I needed to rethink some other alternatives.

I talked to my doctor, and homeopathic doctor, and they both agreed that I should take something short term until I could regain my strength and mind and work things out. So, I went on a drug called Lexapro, a small amount until I could get my body out of 4th gear. And stop the anxiety long enough to understand what else I needed to do.

I believe there are good herbal solutions out there. I use natural means as well. But I do glorify God for the common grace and blessing of modern medicine.

Anyway, just some thoughts..

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  1. I am thankful to God that medication has not been needed, but I can certainly see how supplements could affect our mental state. Activity or the lack thereof can also be a contributing factor on either side of depression. At some point the body just takes over and we are left with relying on the God given talents of medical experts. Even if for a physical ailment, those gifts given by God are a wonderful blessing. Praise God for His abundant grace!!!

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  2. Thanks brother, this is really helpful for myself and also to help understand what others may be going through. It’s good to hear from someone that I know is Godly and trusts in the Lord…to also admit that medication may be necessary at times. Love you bro.

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  3. Love you too bro. Yes. Medication, if used responsibility, can be a means to healing and getting better. It’s just one of the many pieces to the puzzle. I was given a small amount of Lexapro 10mgs, to get my body back to where I could function. It was not a happy pill, I didn’t even feel anything, just that my symptoms began to dissipate. But, I also changed my diet, I began to excercise more, spent time in the sun, and take lots of supplements.

    And yes, good company and good sleep too. I spend time in the Word and in prayer. These all contribute to our healing. I see God’s common grace in medicine. I thank God for doctors.


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